What I Do

Front-End Development

This is the science of bringing a static image to life. To do…

UI Design

"Attractive things work better", that's a fact. You can apply all the…

UX Design

All the colours in the world mean nothing without a direction. You…

Brand Design

For success, a well defined goal is needed. A vision, a direction…

Information Architecture

Knowing where you are and where to find what you need fast…

Content Management

When all the planning is over and all the details are in…

Core Skills


Frameworks & Stuff

Preprocessors (SCSS, LESS, Stylus)
Templating (Mustache, Twig)
MVW (Angular, React)

General Concepts

Responsive Web Design
Accessibility (WAI-ARIA / Section 508)
Feature Driven Development
Progressive Enhancement
Version Control (Git / SVN)


Years in web development
Web Revolutions survived
Hours playing Star Craft

About me

I am an experienced web professional with strong knowledge of front-end technologies, user-centered scripting, information structure, search engine optimization, interface and layout design.

Delivering a unique and useful user experience has always been my priority and professional pride.

Through the years I have designed, developed and managed projects for multiple platforms, so I feel comfortable with any kind of desktop, mobile and web development.

I have led and executed projects with various technical, multilingual and culturally diversified personnel. Communicating and organizing tasks through time zones is an everyday challenge for me.

With time I have learned to withstand pressure, lead my team through harsh projects and elevate them to the top of development excellence.

Working in the dynamic environment of today’s, fast-growing and ever-changing web I have acquired good time management and planning skills, thus pushing my productivity to higher levels.