Rant 001

Now, this “Angular JS” thing is getting a bit out of hand!

I am still meeting companies that are migrating complex projects from Angular to Angular 2, and everybody seems to be either frustrated or pissed about it (Honestly, there is also a third type: “the not giving a flying fuck about the new flaming rage in the web tools zoo” guy, but he is not the one in point here)!

So today I came across an article that explains to me that the next Angular iteration is just around the corner, and it’s name is … drum roll … Angular fucking 4 (Four)!

I am sure there is a marketing guy somewhere that is really proud of herself for this bold move, but … come on! Do we really need this “Windows 7, 8 … 10” shit? What’s next? Angular 2018? Angular Living Standard?

I do understand the concept of software evolution and the need to push forward, but let’s take a step back and think this over. Rushing features in a product just for the sake of being shiny is usually not a good idea, and everybody in out line of work knows it.

I hope there is a developer somewhere that has the power to stand-up to whomever came with the new name and product strategy and bitch-slap “her”.

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